Second Trimester Acupuncture

Second Trimester

Pregnancy Acupuncture for your Second Trimester

This is the period of time from 13 weeks to 27 weeks.

Congratulations and welcome to your Second Trimester, Bring It On! Your baby is fully formed by now and is continuing to grow bigger. You may be starting to spread your good news, after all you will be halfway there by week 20! This is also the time when you may first feel your baby move and you’ll have a more detailed scan. The Second Trimester can be a time when various complaints start to pop up just as your belly starts to pop up. We’re here to help bring along your pregnancy so it can be the most enjoyable experience for you. Bring It On Pregnancy Acupuncture is a natural, safe and gentle way to help alleviate any issues that pop up at this time.
The health and safety of you and your baby is always our priority. We are expertly trained and highly experienced in this arena. The following are some common reasons women seek Bring It On Pregnancy Acupuncture in their second trimester:
• High blood pressure
• Heartburn
• Pelvic pain or instability
• Headaches
• Insomnia and sleep disturbances
• Back pain
• Anxiety
• Constipation or loose stools
• Diarrhoea
• Reflux
• Nausea
• Fatigue
• Tingling feeling in hands
• Leg cramps

We haven’t listed all possible conditions so if your condition is not listed here, we can still help

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*A bit of Bring It On advice:-things you can do on your own

  1. Bursting the seams on your bra? Invest in a new, bigger bra, it can make all the difference to your comfort and because they are not going to get smaller.
  2. Can’t close your trousers? Buy some maternity clothes, this will be fun!
  3. Worried about stretch marks? We highly recommend Bio-Oil. Start using it as a preventive and keep on using it even after a mark has appeared. We have lots of reports that it is great.