Third Trimester Acupuncture

Third Trimester

Pregnancy Acupuncture for your Third Trimester

This is the period of time from 28 weeks to birth.

Congratulations you’re in your third trimester, let’s continue to Bring It On!

By now you may be wondering just how big that belly can get and are starting to turn your attention to labour, delivery and even baby names. During this time you may find that some uncomfortable issues arise. As your baby and belly is getting bigger and you’re getting breathless you may find you need some support to alleviate any ailments or discomfort. Bring It On Pregnancy Acupuncture is a natural, safe and gentle method to use. This is also the time that your baby should turn head down. If you have been advised by your medical professional that your baby is breech (not head down), then here at Bring it On we can help you get baby into the desired position for delivery.

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We also provide Pre-birth/ Pre-labour Acupuncture as well as Labour Induction Acupuncture. The Pre-birth/ Pre-labour Acupuncture is the time period towards the very end of the third trimester of your pregnancy and can start at week 38. Bring It On Labour Induction Acupuncture can start when you have reached your due date. We safely and gently promote the onset of labour by fostering ideal conditions, which can lead to shortening the duration of labour, decreasing labour pain and helping to avoid complications. We understand that you may feel anxious about labour and delivery and we can help alleviate those stressful feelings as well. We’re here to help you Bring It On when you want to avoid a medical induction.

The health and safety of you and your baby is always our priority. We are expertly trained and highly experienced in this arena. The following are some common reasons women seek Bring It On Pregnancy Acupuncture in their third trimester:
• Breech presentation or malposition of your baby
• High blood pressure
• Heartburn
• Oedema
• Pelvic pain or instability
• Headache
• High Blood Pressure
• Back pain
• Insomnia and sleep disturbances
• Restless legs
• Tingling sensation in your hands
• Haemorrhoids
• Birth preparation treatments such as Cervical Ripening
• Facilitating baby’s head engaging
• Induce labour naturally

We haven’t listed all possible conditions so if your condition is not listed here, we can still help.

*A bit of Bring It On advice:- things you can do on your own.

  1. Want to go into labour naturally? Drink 2-3 cups of Red Raspberry Leaf Tea per day.
  2. Worried about stretch marks? We highly recommend Bio-Oil. Use it as a preventive and keep on using it even after a mark has appeared. We have lots of reports that it is great.